December Review

December Review

Notes from my December Review:

  • How is the aesthetic "cool," how are you adding messaging to the aesthetic? Is it a call to action? 

    • Who are you talking to? Where is the conversation? Redefining messaging? Synergy between? Synergy between visual and verbal. 

  • When this product moves through the system, how many people does it impact? 

    • Think: the lift line, the manufacturers, etc. 

    • Methodical analysis of who sees what part, and when do they see it? 

  • How do we encourage people to be an agent of change? 

  • Top + Bottom interaction- how do the audiences change from the vantage point? Am I working with a 2 canvases? 4 canvases? 

  • "Ask me about" buttons- encouraging people to engage in conversation. 

  •  What is the individual contribution to the collective action?

  • Play with age and who I am talking to- am I making childrens skis? Adults skis? How is that impacting each different audience? 

  • Truisms or calls to action? 

  • What is our compensation for building skis? 

  • Have the questions, not the answers

  • What is the level of individual action?

Small Group Discussion 1/10

Small Group Discussion 1/10

Call with Ellen Rutt

Call with Ellen Rutt