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Call with Ellen Rutt

  • trying to get a one-off is really hard
  • cast a pair of skis in some sort of material and create a mold | cast in porcelain - commentary on the fragility of the environment
  • print designs on an adhesive vinyl
  • weave in the idea with the prototype
  • impact of the real object- without the real object
  • take the parts of that
  • necessity of maximum impact- physical object, whether it works is more or less important. 
  • act of recycling uses a lot of energy, where is the energy coming from
  • acknowledge the paradox of our existence
  • we aren’t going to stop producing objects, so if we are not going to, how do we continue
  • how do ask these questions knowing that the system is fucked but also hoping to highlight some ways that shed light on the subject
    • sent the past work and general idea, the vibe of our ski company and the graphics we put
    • women skis, wanted them to be a bit gendered towards women
    • provided 5-10 initial sketches
    • refined from there based on feedback
    • they sent a template  and worked with the template
  • don’t concern yourself to pleasing just them - remember that whatever they think, other people exist
  • simpler you can make the initial idea and the more you can deal with the core concept the better off you are
  • keep it small and really refined
  • focus on one thing remembering that it is just for now
  • Ellen's IP: collages/digital collages that were environmentally focused, different pieces of global systems interacting, people shopping for iPhones combined with people making 



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