Lifetime of a Ski

My initial idea to create skis from recycled materials has started to change. While I will include that in my Thesis, I have realized that I am NOT a materials engineer. This could be a great project or idea in the future, one to bring to engineers and people specializing in materials, however in the context of a year project I think I can continue to merge sustainability and climate change in other ways. As suggested by Brandon, I began to research and create a "lifecycle." To do so, I began by researching how skis are made. This put me in the middle of my timeline. I then worked backwards to the raw materials and where materials are sourced, and that environmental impact. I then worked forward until the end of the skis life, and ways in which they can be recycled beyond the "classic ski adirondack chair." 

Lifetime of a Ski.jpg

Leyla Acaroglu Ted Talk

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"Life Cycle Thinking," everything created goes through a series of life cycle changes

"Life Cycle Analysis:" extraction of raw materials > manufacturing > packaging and transportation > use and end of life.