Logo Development for the project "SWITCH," a campaign that brings awareness to the climate, its changing patterns, and our impact. This campaign is focused on skiers, targeting a group that cares about the environment, relies on the environment to do what they do, and a community that should take responsibility in having a positive impact where they have the means to do so. 

Change needs to be made on a global scale, however through this campaign, I strive to have a tiny hand in raising awareness, and raising money, with regard to climate change and the future of our earth. The mentality has always been to leave your children with something better, and for one of the first times, we are doing just the opposite. Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of my generation, and an issue that it is truly up to my generation to have any impact on. We are on a decline, as NASA says, in flux. There is visual evidence of environmental issues, and it is up to us to recognize those issues, understand those issues, and do what we can to make a change. I believe that one of the best ways to have impact, is to be educated on the problem at hand. Through this project, I have worked to better understand the problem, how it relates to skiing, and come up with a response to the problem. 

After looking through NASA's "Images of Change," I was inspired by the clear differences shown in the images, and further, saw a way to incorporate these images into design. The bright colors and interesting patterns were aesthetically pleasing, contrasting the harsh and sad reality of what these beautiful images represented.