I began the day working through some early sketching- seeing what I had for the purpose of organization. 


One of the first messages I am sketching is the idea of Renewable Energy. Ive been giving this idea a lot of thought. Climate change is a pressing issue that is causing early season snowfall to be limited. 20-30% of revenue comes from Christmas week (fairly early in the season), according to Powder Magazine. With limited snowfall due to rising temperatures and irregularity, mountains are forced to make snow to compensate and make the necessary revenue. Snowmaking, however, is one of the most expensive mountain operations using around 1/2 of a resort's energy budget each season. At the World Climate Summit in Paris, the 100% Renewable Campaign was announced, working towards 100% Renewable Energy among all US Ski resorts and mountain communities. Right now, we are in transition working towards this goal, some resorts already successful in this endeavor, using solar and wind power as renewable resources. I want to focus on these two forms of renewable resources to raise awareness of these transitions and highlight this cycle that occurs- climate change decreases snow, decreasing snow requires snow blowing, snow blowing uses energy, non-renewable resources have a negative impact, worsening climate...and repeat. With this transition to renewable resources and zero net emissions, US mountains are taking a stand, and it is one worth highlighting. 

In my early sketch, I use shapes and lines to show the relationship of the earths core, to the sun, highlighting the resources available as an alternative to non-renewables. Inspired by the style of RAMP Ski designs, I exposed the wood core underneath the illustrations. 

A second idea I am working towards uses sunglasses, inspired by retro styles and 80's ski style, to create a vibrant, and whimsical design inspired by an object that "protects from the sun." In this case, it is the warming earth, and using the sun as a resource for energy.