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  • We are using the resources of 1.5 planets
  • Need to shift to renewable energy
  • Since 2004, Patagonia has recycled or upcycled 164,062 pounds of products
  • 2016 was the third consecutive year to set global heat standards
  • Since 1880 global temp has increased 1.7 degrees F
  • Since 1979 arctic sea ice minimum has decreased 13.3% per decade
  • Global sea level has increased 7 in over the past 100 years
  • Increase in CO2 = increase in warming earth
  • Outdoor industry is responsible for 7.6 million jobs
  • Past 10 years have been the warmest on record
  • Northern hemisphere has lost 1 million miles of spring snowpack since late 1970
  • Snow levels are rising in elevation
  • Burton reuses 60-80 percent of boards to keep out of the landfill
  • 100% iof burton snowboard cores are made from responsibly harvested wood
  • 2000 L of water are used to make 1 pair of jeans


  • 1% for the planet: 1% of sales to preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Non profit created by Patagonia to encourage other companies to take part.
  • Work Wear: reduce Patagonia's footprint and change consumer relationships with all stuff- Invest in quality, repair what you can, pass along, recycle when unusable.
  • Protect our winters: Mobilizing winter sports enthusiasts and diehards.
  • Chill- Burton
  • Blue sign


  • Most important right is the right to be responsible
  • Its not easy to be conscientious
  • Balance our impact
  • Culture of consumption
  • Climate change is not a one man job
  • Climate change is a product of human action
  • Focus on reducing, neutralizing or reversing
  • Build products with a sustainable and long life span or cycle.
  • Embrace clean energy alternatives
  • Mobilize the people who are affected/ care
  • Change is driven by need
  • Passion that isn't political - POW
  • Use recycled materials
  • Focus on life span
  • "protect our environment to protect our lifecycle" - burton
  • Goal to reduce impact
  • Reduce raw material usage and promote recycled materials.
  • Encourage lifetime warranties
  • Increase safe chemistry
  • Reduce packaging
  • "each decision matters and its impacts ripple out" - Burton
  • Snow sports industry should be the first to input sustainable practices
  • Give more than you take
  • Know your impact
  • Consume only what you need.
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