Patagonia is known for its environmental consciousness. Its such an interesting company- it knows how successful it is, but in a really modest way. They are willing to take risks, being truly transparent with their information, being straightforward with their messages, and constantly pushing themselves to be better. They are realistic, while also establishing big goals. They make incredible products, but don’t encourage buying. They know what’s up. 

For this reason, I felt that Patagonia would be the best place to start with my research. They have goals and messages intertwined in everything that they do. 

Everyone has by-products, individuals, companies, organizations, etc. An awareness of these by-products provides a jumping off point to make changes. 

“a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them” 

address a culture of consumption by encouraging an awareness of what you are buying. 

“we’re now using the resources of one and a half plants on our one and only planet” - I think this is a really great line, putting in perspective our consumption. 

They have the confidence to be transparent. 

Responsibility is both on the business and the consumer - one cant exist without the other. addressing climate change is a big picture where everyone must be involved and making changes. 

“climate change, as deadly a condition of infinite human actions, is not an issue we can tackle outright” - patagonia focuses on the specifics, identifying places within their business and practice where they can make changes, have an awareness, address an issue, encourage transparency. 

Encourage recycling in their products - they will repair, replace or recycle old products in order to keep them out of landfills. They reuse materials, use organic cotton, do research to make the best product.