Messaging: developed v. 1

Messaging: developed v. 1

Awareness vs. Action- “The window to save skiing, and perhaps our way of life on earth, is closing, and symbolic gestures no longer cut it”

Leave a better world than you started with

Ripple effect- each decision we make, as individuals, as businesses, etc. makes a difference.

Trend is not destiny

Expand product lifecycle- what can you do when the life of a product is over.

Where do things come from- Skis have multiple parts, multiple ingredients. They require a core, often made of wood, they require a top sheet, edges, a base, and composite. | Where do we get these components, what does it require to make skis. | Have an awareness of what you are using and where it comes from and its impact.

Snow levels are rising in elevation

Earth is rising in temperature

Individual input vs. output: Are we giving back equal or more than what we are taking

Sea levels rising and glaciers are melting

Group/individual leaders to make changes- Change will continue if we don’t try to reduce/neutralize or reverse our impact

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Switching to renewable energy- many mountains and ski towns etc are setting the goal to switch to 100 percent renewable energy. With a climate warming, snow making will become more imperative, which in turn will cost more money. In the long run, renewable energy is cheaper, and more sustainable.

Rally a community that cares behind an issue that matters

Passion that isn’t political

Changes start with youth

See a need for change- Jeremy Jones started Protect Our Winters to unite a passionate group to push congress to pass climate change legislation.

Statistics, Organizations and Ideas

Statistics, Organizations and Ideas