J Skis

J Levinthal Ted Talk | No One Needs More of the Same Thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr5KHJa-BCs


Jason Levinthal started Line based off of his senior year project to redesign the shape of the ski. He eventually sold Line to K2, and later started his own company J Skis. 


Jason's designs are based on what he is interested and what he likes. He has fun with his business and makes limited skis, all hand numbered and signed by J, making them pieces of art. 

"They will be numbered one out of however many we make, signed and dated by me. So everyone who buys them has in their hands and on their feet a unique product with a deep story, designed and built by hand by people you will meet and know. It will feel like you're doing more than just buying another mass-produced widget.