Input vs. Output: Rambling Reflection

The ski industry and outdoor industry requires a lot from the environment to exist. To do what we love takes a lot from the environment, but what we give back, besides passion and immense gratitude, is very little. There are leaders in the industry taking charge in this fight against climate change, but it needs to be an awareness among the average skier, athlete, outdoorsman. 

The energy and environmental impact of chairlifts, of snowmakers, of creating skis and apparel, to run lodges, transportation and grooming...the list goes on, is huge. It all has an impact. We know that we need these things to continue to do what we do (or do we?), but we also need to care the MOST and have the MOST awareness of the impact that these things have. The environment isn't getting better. The earth isn't cooling. The altitude where snow is present is higher and higher. With every impact we have on the environment, we must have an awareness, or make a change. 

Perhaps changing to renewable energy is the way in which we give back.

We need to give back, not just take. 


Buzzwords: intake, reciprocation, awareness.