The purpose of BSKT is to refine the shopping basket shape and material to create a hands-free, comfortable, and reusable shopping device. 

The basket is a trapezoidal, versatile bag made of clear vinyl. The vinyl is used in the prototyping stage as a substitute for Polyethylene Reinforced Sheeting (PRS), which is also transparent but has reinforced strength. Furthermore, Vinyl and PRS are similar in that they are easily cleaned, resistant to water, and portable. The prototype has one set of versatile straps at the top of the bag, with padded shoulders, which clip to the bottom to form a "backpack style:" ideal for use outside the store. Those same straps can also clip together around the waist to form a "fanny pack" style, with the goal of a hands-free, in-store experience. In either instance, the bag can be opened or closed with a simple snap on the top inside of the bag. These various carrying styles create a comfortable experience for the user while giving them the choice of which they would like to use at any particular time. 


Visual Branding